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Milly Jo

Owner\ Instructor

  In 1998 I had a Dr. tell me he believed I would benefits greatly from yoga and meditation.  My first class was a year later with my mom.  I began instructing in 2003, and received my first certification in 2005.  That same year I began teaching for Dover Township.  Over the years, I have been developed my own style.  I do my best to teach the bodies in the class.  My goal is to create an atmosphere of comfort for anyone who enters, no matter their size, age, or circumstance.  Yoga truly is for every body, that includes, you and me. 

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Reiki Master Teacher, NFPT-Certified, Personal Trainer, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Certified Holistic Life Coach, Holistic Healing + Mindful Movement + Meditation

Guiding others towards Wellness of mind, body, and spirit through a unique combination of healing modalities. Walking the path alongside anyone willing. Holding non-judgmental space for healing to happen. Teaching to possibility by living example. Breathing in communion with nature. Join her for a special class designed to bring balance to your being.  

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