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A stutter to the start of the New Year

Despite attending absolutely nothing and doing less, I got the dreaded covid. New Years Eve, morning I canceled yoga went to urgent care and it was confirmed. They told me 5 days from my first day of symptoms I could return to life. That would have been Wed. the 4th of January. It took me a while because they start counting with 0 so 5 days is actually 6.

Today I received a call from the PA dept. of Health that I am to wear a mask until Sunday. My studio is quite small, and I decided what would be best is for me to just keep closed until I can teach with a free mouth. Maybe it is for the best. After all, we have all been with others in small and large crowds over the past few weeks.

I am hoping what seems to be horrible timing ends up being able to be seen at a later time as perfect timing.

My hope is to return strong, healthy and ready to move forward. I apologize to the people who have showed up to the studio and found the doors closed. I do not have all of your information. I am trying to keep the website up to date. Learning better how to work with social media and promote my business are goals I have for the coming year.

Thank you for your well wishes and patience. I am feeling pretty good and looking forward to seeing everyone Next week.

Sending Love, and wishes for Health and Prosperity in and beyond this blessed New Year,

Milly Jo

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