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Reflections on my first month

When I opened this September, I was definitely pushing things. Obsessed with not moving my opening date again. It is funny how time after time, I believe I am being rational until I am looking back.

I have worked through a bunch of my own head stuff. I am certain they will be periodically awaken. Hopefully I recognize them for what they actually are, my fear taking me out of the present moment.

I am in love with my room, even my closet where everything miraculously fits.

I have had so many people support me that I won't attempt to name them all. The people who have shown up and taken classes, and purchased plans. The men I rent from who have been exceptional. My cousin Joy who helped design my signs and doubles as my therapist, calmly responding to my spirals. Sarah Floyd who fixed and played with the website until it worked. God love her, she even attempted to help me navigate social media. My dear friend Joan who I believe should be running a school for the technologically impaired. A big shoutout to Jeffrey Welker from Printastat, he was so patient, and answered all my questions and caught the fact that I needed the one sign to be double sided. There are so many others, friends, family and the occasional complete stranger to offer me wisdom and thankfully kindness and my absolute favorite thing in the world laughter.

I feel so good about Dover's Yoga Place. So happy I am doing it. Thankful for the the time and freedom I have had over the years to work on my craft. Grateful for the people who have taken my classes, allowed me to try new things. Believe it or not, I barely did any breathing in my classes . I remember adding in breath with arm movements, it seems so absurd now but 15 years ago, I was teaching completely different, fast & strong, proving I could. I don't believe my brain comprehended what non-competitive meant back then. In another 15 I might be realizing I still didn't while I wrote this.

So, if you were waiting until I calmed down and settled in; I'm ready when you are.