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So........Is is happening?

Yes, Yes it %^#$ing is . I spoke with the gentleman running the show and it looks like Thursday Sept 1st, 2022 will be opening night. Nervous stomach, check, high anxiety, check, paralyzing fear of failure, check. Yup, looks like all is in attendance.

The time between has been great, I have gotten things around the house in order to hopefully run more smoothly during my transition into more hours and time away from home. I have gotten to visit with lots of people who I haven't seen in quite some time for all kinds of reasons. I have also had long enough to miss desperately the people and practice I have taken a break from.

I have done minimal quantities of yoga in my time off. No classes, taught or taken. Just stolen minutes here and there. My back, and neck feel the loss and though I have known for sometime now, the calming affect that Yoga has on my mind, has been verified.

I haven't received the keys yet. The wall's paint may not be complete when I open. Like me, it will be a work in progress. I'm so excited to see where this next adventure takes me. Secret dreams and plans, dared not said out loud. Not so secret worries of falling flat on my face. This is a funny one because I know the truth is that if I didn't give this a try I would regret it. So failure is only had if I do not attempt it. If the business doesn't work out, if it is a very limited time adventure, it is still a success.

It will be a success no matter what because I have felt drawn to do it as drawn as I have been in the past to do scary stuff that might not make sense to folks on the sidelines (like my teaching yoga to begin with). My intention is good. This means very little when it comes to how things are accepted by others. That is a lesson I have learned many times and is why I am harshly honest with myself ahead of time.

In closing, I want to Thank the wonderful people who have supported and loved me through not just this process but through out my life. I send love to everyone who has felt inadeq